Business Growth, Brand Positioning & High-Level Marketing Case Study & Idea’s That Could Explode Your Revenue

A short service business case study on how we helped a client increase their revenue by over 300% in a few short months.

Here you’ll find a service business case study and some insights on how you can grow your service based business. Some of the strategies here we used to make a client engagement a raving success.

This client came to me when they were in a decent place, but they really wanted to amplify everything. When they came to us, sales were kind of down. Things were still happening for them yet they weren’t really pleased with where they were at.

Service Business Case Study Insight #1 – Promotional Channels & Pillars

Now, when you are promoting your business or promoting anything that you have, understand that you have various promotional pillars you can use. Your business is generally held up by multiple pillars of promotional activities that bring in new and consistent leads.

One pillar for this particular client was sending cold mail outs, but that’s all they were really doing for marketing.

They were just focusing on doing a couple mail outs and a couple of social media posts here and there. Now, two STRONG pillars can definitely hold up a roof, but it can’t get you to a place where you’re thriving.

What we focused on was improving their mailers and getting them relevant and active on social media. Then we focused on getting them on paid advertising and increasing their referrals by using a consistent strategy.

Then after that focusing on increasing their strategic connections and partners that they could tap into

The reason behind all of that is you want to bring multiple impact points to your promotions. If you’re depending on one pillar too much and pillar completely collapses and say your cold mail stops working… You then have no way of generating new revenue. Which then puts many people in a really weird place.

If people are say only focusing on Facebook ads as only way to grow their business…They’re setting themselves up for a potential disaster. IF those Facebook ads stopped performing and their ad account potentially gets disabled, the business stops growing.

So these promotional pillars, you can segment different chunks and different ways of promoting into creating something that can actually hold up your business and sustain it for the long run.

If one pillar dies, you have multiple other ones that will support you.

Service Business Case Study Insight #2 – Market Sector Distinctions

Now with this client, they were working in somewhat of a construction space, a bit of a service based business as well. Coming from a construction background myself, there’s multiple different sectors that you can work in.

You can have…

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government

So this client was playing in a residential and commercial sector and everything was kind of blending and mixing. There was no clear boundaries. They had some contractors on one site and they had some employees on another site and the employees were talking with the contractors and it would just create a pretty big mess.

Now what we decided here was that commercial contracts were going to give them sustainable revenue and a significant boost to their bottom line too. We decided that residential is okay to take on, but commercial’s really where they’re going to see significant growth. There’s bigger budgets, it’s easier to manage teams.

Once you know and decide that…

“Hey, I’m going to work in this specific sector or industry” then you can start developing some of your management systems around that. For example, you’ll have certain employees and this is how they’ll close and finish up a job site. Outlining how they do a completion and a closing process. You’ll notice all jobs will have similar processes and you can start to systematize them.

So this one’s a pretty big takeaway for a lot of people.

When you’re choosing a different sector to focus in, you should of work in these sectors for a little while. You want to see which one’s going to be a best fit for you. Deciding to go all in on one sector at a certain point in time will be important to start scaling your marketing.

Service Business Case Study Insight #3 – Monthly Revenue Model

Now, once we decided which sector they were going to go into, we decided it was equally important to actually start mapping out how were we going to get paid every month.

When you’re doing one off contracts all the time, you don’t really know where your next paycheque is coming from and that’s pretty difficult as a business owner. You’ll operate from scarcity because you’re always running around pricing jobs, trying to find new contracts. You’re always hustling.

However, creating a monthly revenue model allows you to kind of step back and escape the hustle. You’ll actually be able work on the business and spend time working on the things that move the needle forward.

So at this particular client we ended up finding a specific, a type of business that we want to put a focus on too. The type of client always needed ongoing support. We ended up creating a couple of different strategic connections around that and we got in specifically with them.

Now this is really important…ask yourself these questions…

When you’re looking at developing and really ramping things up, how can you create a monthly revenue model for your business?

How can you take what you’re currently offering and package it into a monthly retainer?

The simplest possible monthly retainer model.

When you have a monthly retainer model, every month you just need to focus on adding a couple more people into it. That’s it. You don’t have to start the month brand new over and over again each time the calendar rolls over.

When you’re starting from zero every month, it’s pretty tough. It’s like you open your business brand new. Meanwhile, you’ve been in business for many years. Really consider that with what you’re offering. I know some industries are a bit more difficult to offer this in, but if you really look at it, there is a potential way that you can offer this.

Service Business Case Study Insight #4 – High Level Networking

Now, this client understood the value of networking, yet they were networking often with the wrong people. When you start networking, you have to be very distinct to what networking events you want to go to.

Everything that you want in life comes from other people. Everything that you want in business comes from other people. The majority of your best connections that you will ever get specific gigs, jobs, referrals, anything like that will come from higher level people within your network. People that are active members inside the community.

So with this, we started asking ourselves….

Where do these people that we want to be around hang out?

What kind of clubs or memberships can you pay for to start hanging around these people?

How can we get around them more often?

Most importantly…

What events and meetings do I need to AVOID?
(Nothing worse than wasted time)

When you surround yourself with people playing at a higher level , you automatically raise your own personal standards to meet their own. It’s a great way to force yourself to level up.

Service Business Case Study Insight #5 – Risk Reduction

Now when you complete a job, sometimes you’re sitting in a risky position. You’re potentially in a place where another trade or another type of business can come in and kind of screw things up for you. It’s important to really document what’s going on and what you’ve completed.

Now there’s different trades that would always get this specific client in trouble because after they were finished their work, these other trades would come in and mess things up.

We started documenting everything upon completion. If they were ever to get charge backs or anything, they always had it documented and they could easily send in a video.

If we look back to at Insight #2…once we decided which sector we are are focusing on, then we could come up with this risk reduction system.

How can we take a video upon project completion?

Are your contractors taking the videos?

Are your employees taking the videos?

Who’s in charge and who’s responsible for taking the videos of the completed work?

Once the videos were completed, if any chargebacks ever came back at them they would just fire off these videos and instantly they would be in the clear.

Brand Positioning Insight #1 – Expert Communication & Unique Selling Proposition

Now, when you’re connecting with higher level people, you need to understand how to connect with them. Knowing how to actually voice what you do in a way that’s compelling to them so they want to start a deeper conversation with you. You want them to remember you.

Most people go to a networking event and they start handing out cards like candy. We all know that guy…

The reality is, they take your card, they put it in their pocket. Maybe they shuffle through it a couple of times when they go home. But at the end of the day, people remember how you make them feel.

They remember the “aha moments” and experiences you give them.

So this individual, we sat down and we looked at what were they going to say to people that would compel them. Now with their specific business, they had the potential to increase productivity with the services that they offered for employees.

Now, the statement we created was kind of weird and outlandish to get attention. It was out of the box and was extremely different.

The goal is to get someone to raise their eyebrow’s and say….

“tell me more about that…”

Your goal with a USP is to open up a door of communication, a few sentences you say that allows them to acknowledge you and invite you in.

Expert communication comes down to listening, listening, and actually understanding where your customers problems are laying. What’s actually going on with them and in the customers mind.

When you ask the right questions, you can craft your marketing materials and responses in a way that will get a a response that you actually want. That is the ultimate goal of EXPERT communication.

Brand Positioning Insight #2 – Market Research & Becoming An Industry Expert

Now this ties into the last one. With becoming a thought leader and becoming a marketing expert, you need to listen to what your market actually wants. Versus what you might think they want.

There’s two big distinctions there. Often people try and create a new product or a new service without actually validating the market first.

Find your buyer first before you create the product for a buyer.

Once you know the buyer, you can figure out the certain specific things that they need and you can create the product for them. That really comes down to listening, taking the information in and actually understanding what their actual problems are.

When you craft your marketing message and dial it in, it’s like a laser beam that can cut through steel.

People are like…

“Wow, this person really understands me! They really get me!”

“I should probably reach out to them because they’re an expert. They’re communicating to me in a way that makes me feel heard, that makes me feel understood!”

As humans, we all want to be heard and we want to be understood.

Now when you do that, you naturally are a thought leader because people will gravitate to you when you do this. With becoming a thought leader, it comes with always educating and engaging with your market(s).

When you educate your market to how you do your processes, showing them what’s going on behind the scenes, you add a human element to things.

People want to know what got you into the industry that you’re currently in. How do you do things differently and what you’re all about. People want to know the individual behind the business and the inner workings.

It builds trust. It comes from actually listening and caring and crafting your stories around their wants and needs. People want to do business with other people, not always a big business.

Something to consider, and I hope you put some of these insights into action immediately. If you’d like my support with all this and you enjoyed this case study then reach out. Send me an email at