Steal My Proposal Workshop,

Would You Like To Join Us?

Proposal walkthrough and hotseat sessions where we discuss any
pricing, packaging & positioning challenges you might face

Challenges you might face:

✓ You're unsure how to create a proposal or pitch that really works
✓ You're lacking a sales process and unsure how to structure your pricing
✓ You find it difficult what to focus on to expand your business
✓ You want someone to fix things and tell you what to do

Inside the Steal My Proposal workshop you get:

✓ Step by step training that shows you how to structure a high-value proposal
✓ Outlining the steps that position you as an authority and is replicateable
✓ A unique way to package your services, compared to just sending a quote
✓ You can copy and paste the template, re-brand it and take it to market

Exactly what you get:

✓ The Steal My Proposal Template LIVE Workshop - Wednesday May 29th, 5-7pm CST
✓ Live Workshop with Troy & others, building out your Proposal Template & Hotseats
✓ Replay and resources
✓ Copy paste template


100% Lifetime Guarantee
If you do not get value from this training and templates you can claim a full refund at any time for any reason. Simply email your receipt and you will be refunded inside 7 working days.