How To Increase Sales & Connect With Anyone

A quick story on how to increase sales and connect with anyone.

Increase Sales
Increase Sales & Connect With Anyone Using This Strategy

If we’re riding in the elevator and we get on it at floor 1, by the time we get to floor 10 or 11…

…I can usually get someone’s phone number and create a bond and friendship with them FAST.

I’ve got a trusted rule I call the 3×3 rule.

It’s built out on how you get people to trust you and want to hire you…and it’s pretty simple.

The mystery topic that oh so many people struggle with.


There’s a few factors moving here, but one of the main pieces is humans are craving connection. I leverage that.

We all want someone to CARE about us, in a deep and meaningful way.

Now, I’m REALLY good at this and I’m about to go into more detail.

I have a small edge because I’ve practiced it, but anyone can increase sales if they just follow these simple steps.

There’s 3 rules I would say that enables you to bond with anyone almost instantly.

Is CARE about them, and don’t talk about yourself right away unless they ask.

RULE #2 
Ask deep and meaningful QUESTIONS about their lives and who they are, this creates trust bonds really fast.

EVERYONE is searching for more meaning, more connections and more friendships in life. They won’t feel it’s weird if you ask questions.

Now that you’ve established that trust and you have built out the foundations of a relationship.

You need 3 things to make a sale and get a new client…


Now, if you’ve implemented the first 2 rules above, you need to figure out the CERTAINTY & CREDIBILITY part. This will increase sales.

I personally think it’s important to be more of a “slow cooker” with this part.

I don’t want to rush too FAST into relationships with people unless I like them.

Don’t be a people pleaser, be a problem solver.

So, getting yourself to a place where you don’t NEED clients I would say is extremely important.

Your new mindset around client getting is that they are more of a “nice to have” instead of a NEED.

Being needy repels people away from you.

Now, back to the slow cooker part.

I usually get someone’s social media contact info, I’ll get their email, and their phone number.

This is where the strategy side of things gets a bit more complex and client attraction and magnetism comes into play.

But, here it is.

The best way to give people CERTAINTY in you, is to demonstrate your results and expertise.

If you’ve completed monster projects, talk about them. When I was a drywall contractor, I had a binder of the major projects we completed. While I took measurements of the house I would let clients look through our pictures.

If you’re knowledgeable about your topic of expertise, educate people in a way that helps them make wise choices or decisions. When doing an advertising contract or bringing on a new coaching client, I will give them a rough idea of the strategies we use, and WHY they work.

Maybe you’ve got testimonials or case studies, display them. Display your peacock feathers…markets are noisy and if you can’t toot your own horn, not many others will for you.

If you’re damn good, strut your stuff.

At some point the conversation of “What do you do?” will come up.

Tailor your answer to what someone needs to hear to hire you.

How do you do that?

You get to know them first, and actually care about who they are.

Always be a good human, and understand that timing is a REALLY big thing in many relationships.

It’s why it’s important to nurture relationships, and always be showing up as a valuable person.

People will know they are ready, and if your messaging strikes a heart chord and compels them to know more, they’ll reach out for more.

If you’ve done everything to build their trust and give them certainty, all they need is a solution from a credible provider and you’ll increase sales.

That’s it for today…

On your side,
– Troy