Copywriting Formula’s

If you’re just starting to write more and want to use copywriting formula’s in your marketing, or you’re already an experienced writer here is a picture of some notes I took for you while studying one day on the beach in the Gili Trawangan islands. (See bottom…)

I’m always asked how to write great, and compelling copy and here are some of the copywriting formulas I use.

Dan Kennedy created the PAS formula, here’s a really great example I break down in a Facebook post of how I used it to rent out our apartment when we started traveling…

At the bottom you can see a variant used within it too.

The AIDA model was developed by the American businessman, E. St. Elmo Lewis, in 1898. The original main purpose was to optimize sales calls, specifically the interaction between seller and buyer concerning the product. It was also coined by David Ogilvy. There is also a variant if variable in the notes below.

Danny Inny created the 6+1 Formula.

That’s it! I’ll expand more on this later, enjoy the copywriting formula’s and put them to good use. 🙂

On your side,
– Troy Assoignon

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Copywriting Formula's