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    Testimonials & Results

    Troy has personally improved my brand image in a way that can not be stopped. Troy creates legal marketing magic. 

    He is charismatic marketer that has made my message jump off the page. Troy has actually given me results because when building our company a funnel, it worked! Unlike other marketers we’ve hired in the past. Great work Troy, we will always be calling you back.

    Valen Vergara, Serial Entrepreneur
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Team Made Real Estate Inc
    Culture Card Inc

    I spent 37 minutes on the phone with Troy, and since then I’ve fired 80% of my nightmare clients and increased my income by 20% with clients that are a delight to work with every day.

    I could only imagine what spending a personal day with you would be like, I envy anyone who is willing to step up in their life.

    Jimmy Parent, Influence Specialist
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Copywriter @ Agora Financial

    In the first week of working with Troy, my client list tripled. I went from $1500/Month to $4500/Month in 2 advisory sessions.

    For the last year I had been working on my online business and I decided it was time to work with a business coach. When you’re looking for someone skilled in Marketing and Positioning there is a lot to ask out of them. So if you’re looking for a good solid business coach that will get you results, Troy’s going to get you where you need to go.

    Ken Schmidt, Owner
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Sensible Nomads & Host Kreaters

    In a matter of minutes Troy walked me through his process that revealed over $540,000 in EXTRA income that we can easily generate inside my business.

    The crazy think about this is it is actually attainable because we’ve made a plan to make that happen.

    Zephan Blaxberg
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    ZMB Media

    I used Troy’s script selling for my last 8 week course. I wrote 2 posts on Facebook, had 12 calls and sold 10 ladies into the group and had 3 more join after the fact. 

    83% success rate because of this, also for my Cuba retreat we’ve sold 9 people now!

    Paula Hopwood
    Alberta, Canada
    Transformational Coach & Retreat Leader

    Troy Increased my business by 300% in only 3 months, dude is a BEAST.

    I went through Troy’s accelerator program and he completely turned my business around because I decided to work with him.

    Alex Kovalchuk
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    MYPA Janitorial & Cleaning Services

    I’m really impressed with your ability to recognize the problems with our positioning and give off-the-cuff, high-level advice. 

    I finally had some time to sit down and re-listen to our marketing strategy call last week, I’m building a plan around it. Our branding, positioning, value proposition, and messaging, is much much clearer in my mind now. I will send the other owners the updated plan.

    Vincent Le, Founder
    Hoi Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Veritas Ventures

    One thing that makes Troy very different from other advisors whom I paid 5 figures, is that he actually does the work, he doesn’t “wing” it, or say any basic stuff you heard 100s of times.

    Troy helped me see what exactly and how I do things in my business to have a clear industry standard. To me it’s like a cheat-sheet that I can now easily photocopy and have team members know exactly what needs to be done, in a way I want it to be done.

    Julia Vorontsova Marketing Consultant & 7 Figure Advertiser
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Founder and CEO of Kakadu Media

    Branding & Positioning, Troy is the guy I use for everything. He really gets to your core of who you are and what you REALLY want. 

    If you get the opportunity to work with Troy, you should do it. I’ve worked with branding people in other businesses and it never came out as well as when I worked with Troy. He really does care about your business.

    Matt Balducci, Business Owner
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States

    College Works Painting
    Matt Balducci LLC

    There’s genius here with this one! From confusion to clarity, I know I am in good hands when it comes to developing and rolling-out effective campaigns to grow my business.

    Troy not only possesses a brilliant and strategic mind, his continual study of the ever changing face of online marketing keeps him ahead of the curve.

    Dawn DelVecchio, Business Mentor, Author
    Sedona, Arizona, United States
    Dawn DelVecchio International

    Troy is one of the few people I know in marketing who does not pretend to know more about his clients best interests than they do. He is a master of positioning and knows what it takes to boost sales force effectiveness to the next level. 

    Because this is a very rare occurrence in this industry.

    Jess Davis, Founder & CEO
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Überstate & RIT Token

    What Troy taught me about telling my story has increased my selling from stage conversion rate by 30%.

    It’s been 3 months since and my closing ratio just keeps going up because of you, thanks Troy!

    Erik Hatterscheidt, Founder & CEO
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Basic Bananas Canada Marketing

    Trusting Troy is a great choice, his advice will save you money and earn you money at the same time.

    Troy is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration. He spreads ethical business practices and powerful life lessons through communities he fosters with love and honesty.

    Jon Bowes, Entrepreneur
    California, United States
    Professional Copywriter & Storyteller

    Just had my best month financially, and I do attribute that to you and your advisory Troy. 

    I hired Troy to be a consultant for my business and he absolutely over delivered every single session. I knew it would take my business to the next level and it did.

    Steffen Rachutt, Owner & Entrepreneur
    Osnabrück, Germany
    FinoMedia & Poker Mindset Training

    When you work with a Branding Expert you want someone who is a super connector like Troy. You want someone who has build several brands that genuinely cares. 

    Troy is a master at his craft and genuinely wants those around him to be successful. Working with Troy has enabled a complete shift in my mindset and because of that, my business too.

    Jennifer Spencer, PR Consultant & Marketing Expert
    San Diego, California
    Energent Media

    I attended Rutgers university and Troy’s sales training was the highest level sales training I’ve ever received. 

    Thinking back today on when I was thinking of NOT pulling the trigger to work with you and what a mistake that would have been. I have received 1000x my original investment and I have no idea where I would be if I let fear take over that day.

    Peter Celentano, Student & Business Owner
    Washington, DC, United States
    Rutgers University Graduate Marketing & Communications Major