Brand Positioning What Is It?

How You Can Build A Marketing And Brand Position That Will Magnetically Attract High End Clients, Customers & Contracts

Alright so we’re going to start this article with a little context. Positioning can be complex and confusing yet my goal is to break down the fundamentals for you here. By the end you should be able to start developing your brand positioning strategy.

What is positioning?

Positioning is the act of executing, deciding, planning and researching on how you want to be perceived and portrayed by the market place and in the mind of your ideal prospects. Positioning strategy is a core foundation of building a strong and memorable brand.

What is a positioning statement?

Your positioning statement is what you develop in order to be unique and stand out in the business world. Our custom strategy to develop your positioning statement consists of 4 various client understandings and pillars.

Pillar 1: Understanding your GAP and active need in the marketplace that you fill…

Pillar 2: Understanding what makes your brand different and not just better…

Pillar 3: Understanding the markets common pains, wants and desires…

Pillar 4: Understanding the top benefits…

Once you understand these, you are able to develop a positioning statement for your brand. It will help you attract clients. Plus, it let’s your perfect customers know in their mind that you are the exact company for them.

What is market positioning?

It is the preliminary research and understanding of your market so you can then position yourself as the go-to trusted source in your industry. When you’re in this stage you develop your positioning statement and anything else you might need for an effective brand position.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the total understanding of your brand in action. However in some context of brand positioning this can be towards a building an effective brand for a product or service as well as a personal brand.

How I Stumbled Into Becoming A Positioning Expert?

Alright, so here’s a quick story. How I discovered brand positioning and just positioning in general was when I was a construction contractor for about 8+ years. We needed to build a strong brand as we were in an extremely competitive market. We needed to be sure we could secure strong positions in the market or we would fall behind.

How did we do that? Well, instead of doing everything like everybody else, we decided to use a strategy that would differentiate us and make us appealing to our target customer. We wanted to be a luxury brand that people would call for high end work. We would be known for luxury, for caring about our customers. We went the extra mile.

So, it all started when we were pricing these job sites.

I bought a laser measuring tool that we would use to measure difficult projects. However 90 percent of the time I could price off of the blueprints and didn’t need the measuring tool.

One day I noticed that NO one that I knew was doing this one thing. It was an opportunity for us to position our brand. Our competition would get contacted for the exact same project and they’d ask for the blueprints. Then, they’d spit out a fast price and email it over to the customer.

Sure, sometimes SPEED wins, but you’ll often get lousy contracts that way.

When I’m building a brand I want QUALITY contracts that are going to solidify great relationships. Plus, great relationships help solidify my positions in market. Contracts and contacts that enables our marketing to be easier and met with less friction.

Why? Because we’re constantly in the mind of the customer because we understand them and we are doing memorable projects.

So, we decided that we would try something new, and it turned out to be wildly profitable for our brand.

We would go into a job site, we would measure everything up with our laser measuring tool. We would talk with the potential customers and would educate them and identify any problems that we might run into. We would provide solutions prior to beginning the project. We would often land projects at 3x to 4x the price of our competitors. We would also win every second or third project like clockwork.

Now that’s the power of brand positioning, building a brand that is remembered and respected in the mind of the client.

The reason? We always cared more. We were positioned to be the best brand to work with. We always asked them why they chose to work with us and it always came down to this…

“Troy, you took the time to get to know us and you educated us. No one else did that for us. Even though you were younger thats why we chose you.”

We could of been like the competition and just say…

…“Send us the blueprints!” and “Here’s your bid!”

Instead we decided to change the game, and it elevated our brand.

After 8+ years of being in the construction business and helping other contractors with their brand positioning, I decided I wanted to get into the mentorship, advisory and consulting arena. I wanted to teach people positioning, and how to build a brand. Then they could maximize their efforts and build an effective brand positioning strategy. This way they would get faster results using our proven strategies we already tested.

Helping people brought me joy in my life. I wanted to be able to travel and meet new people internationally.

My first client, I gave his business a 300% increase just by changing one simple thing on how his business model worked and helping him wire in his brand positioning statement. Once that brand positioning statement is wired in, your entire organization now has a “cardinal position” or a “brand positioning guideline” they can follow. It influences how people make decisions.

This client went from chasing contracts all the time to creating a predictable revenue stream so he could ACTUALLY grow his business and brand.

After that, I decided to go ALL IN. I got proof that these brand positioning strategies that I created really worked. I knew this was my path as it brought me lots of joy and excitement seeing my customers and clients have big revenue windfalls.

Over the years we’ve been blessed to work with various brands on their positioning, brand positioning and their brand positioning strategy.

Creating strategy together on how they will dominate their product category or service category. They come to us so they can wire in strong brand positioning. It will ensure their marketing and advertising is easier, less expensive and more effective.

That’s a really big thing that people miss with brand positioning. It is that when you take the time to consciously build your brand and notice what makes your customers tick. You build up a dossier of information on your clients. It REALLY makes your marketing efforts easier, more cost effective and your clients actually enjoy seeing your marketing too.

The biggest thing I can leave you with is remember that wiring in your positioning strategy and your brand positioning is going to take effort. It will take rigorous research, and talking to your customers. Continuously strengthening and reinforcing your brand and brand positioning in their mind.

It will take effort, and it will be difficult, however once that brand positioning connects you will be happy that you took the time to wire in your brand, get to know your market and consistently execute your brand positioning strategy.

Everything becomes a whole lot easier!

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