Agency Case Study

Agency Case Study

How We Added An Extra $100K To A Clients Bottom Line…

Greetings from Troy,

What you’re going to find here is an agency case study for a client, this is the step by step processes we used to find an additional 100k for them.

This isn’t easy work and it’s not for everyone.

These methods and strategies can be used to take you above and beyond 100k per year too. We use these with the majority of our clients.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick process, this isn’t for you.

If you’re looking to put in the work, and most importantly, get your hands dirty, you’re going to love this.


Agency Case Study Insight #1:

Mindset Around Money, Pricing & Business Models

When I first started working with this client, our main focus was reframing their mindset. For instance, coming from the corporate world to becoming a full time entrepreneur is an entirely different mindset to adopt.

Very different distinctions and entirely different realms to operate in.

From taking orders from other leaders in corporate, to creating their own daily method of operations. A trusted roadmap and strategic plan that they could rely on.

We first looked at their mindset around a pricing model for them.

We showed them how to price and deliver on RESULTS instead of by the hour, for instance. Ingraining the understanding that you get paid upon results and solving a problem as an entrepreneur instead of just being paid for the hour.

For example, you can use hourly rates as a mechanism for estimating projects, but you can’t use them as your standard of pricing. You’ll be trapped trading hours for dollars for the rest of your life if you do that.

After that was complete, we decided on their monthly model and what their pricing structure would look like.

For instance, the main question we asked ourselves is…

“How do we find and retain 5 to 10 clients on a monthly retainer to build a stable and predictable income stream.”

Agency Case Study
Reverse Ascension Model: Agency Case Study

We used simple formulas such as…

$1500.00 x 10 = $10,000 Per Month


$2500.00 x 5 = $12,500 Per Month


$5000.00 x 2 = $10,000 Per Month

Now, we then asked ourselves did these include advertising spend?

Did they include setup fees for the technology setup, and for the website and funnel setup too?

Did we need to do any basic branding to increase authority and credibility on the clients current assets?

Agency Case Study Insight #2:

Prospecting & Creating Opportunity

Once we decided our pricing model, our focus was to keep it simple and build out predictable monthly revenue. Our next task was creating a sales pipeline and filling that pipeline with opportunities, and tracking them.

Agency Case Study
Simple Prospecting Pipeline Example, Agency Case Study

One of the first strategies I use with people, is activating your immediate network and finding out where your warm low hanging fruits are.

For example, what is their fastest way to new quality clients.

What people are around you that are willing to help you, that you’ve built connections and bonds with over the past 5-10-15 or even 20 years?

Who are they? Identify them.

Make a list.

Once you know what you’re offering, you never know who has your people and who is willing to introduce you to key contacts.

Above all, a warm introduction always turns into new business faster than a cold reach out does. It comes with influence and trust attached.

We mapped out his list, and we created broad stroke messaging strategy they could use. We decided what they needed to say when they talked to people either on the phone, in person or through email and so forth.

After that list was created, they got to work contacting as many people on their warm list as possible, asking for help.

To clarify, there are generally 20-50 contacts in someone’s mental rolodex that are willing to help if they just reach out and ask for help.

People don’t ask for help because of fear of looking weak, and that’s a big mistake. Everything significant in life comes from other people, always remember that.

Our goal is to create as many feedback learning loops as possible within the first few months of working together with consulting and coaching clients.

It allows them to integrate and understand our processes, and these new ways of thinking will last a lifetime.

A feedback loop is this…

Agency Case Study
Illustration Of A Feedback Loop: Agency Case Study

Asses current situation and goals you are wanting to achieve…

Plan and execute a strategy based on achieving the set goals…

Get feedback and information around strategies effectiveness and assess how well it worked…

Apply feedback and information gathered to the strategy you planned out and repeat the process…

Agency Case Study Insight #3:

Simple Selling Strategies & Effortless Selling Styles You Can Use

Sales is the lifeblood of any business, without sales you won’t survive or see any business growth.

As we filled up the sales pipeline, figuring out what sales process fit the client best was our next focus.

You need to know how to setup your sales calls and interactions properly as the way you setup a call or conversation effects the end results you will get.

It all starts with booking phone calls…

  • Qualifying and investigating to see if a prospect is right a fit.
  • Appointment setting and getting consultations booked in the calendar.
  • Confirming appointments to ensure show up rates to phone calls.
  • Setting up the consultation structure, beginning, middle and end.
  • Closing the deal, and taking payment, booking intake session.

In my experience, most people lose a sales call within the first 5 minutes of the call. The biggest thing they miss is setting a powerful agenda for the call that both parties understand.

It sets a frame of control and builds trust and rapport and confidence in your prospects and buyers.

Next, is focusing on pinpointing and solving someone’s problem and investigating the solutions.

Most people focus on their product and convincing someone to buy, instead we want to find how their problems are solved by our services. This is a very important step.

For example, no one buys a product or service, they buy the result and the relief of pain of what a product or service will deliver them.

Our selling style we often teach our clients is our Covert Selling System, it’s an investigative and consultative selling based approach.

If you’d like to know more about how we do that, email us here to see if it is a fit

Agency Case Study Insight #4:

Onboarding New Clients & Client Control

Onboarding and managing expectations is one of the most important parts after making a sale. This can save you countless hours of heartache and confusion, and it makes projects go smoothly.

If someone feels the service provider is competent, they usually don’t bother you. In other words, they want to work with someone that is in control, and has things handled. That’s what your on boarding session is for. To make sure their expectations and your delivery are in agreement by both parties.

Clients will micromanage you if they FEEL like projects are out of control.

Feeling like you are in control, and being in control are two very different distinctions.

What’s the opposite of under control?

Out of control.

If you’re not in control and they can’t feel it, your client will control you to try and stabilize the perceived chaos.

Once you onboard a client, it’s important to get more intel on how they sell, their success stories, what their messaging and positioning is. Getting all of their contact information for future use. (Gifting, thank you’s & more.)

You can use all of this information they have in the creation process of your advertisements and promotions for them.

Basing your promotions off of current and relevant data is important for success.

Again, when a client comes into your business, it’s important to let them know how things work in detail. For example, what your guidelines are, what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.

Why? Because as we mentioned above, making the client feel safe and letting them know and feel like you’ve got everything under control.

Letting them know how results are delivered. How your results are reported, how often it is done, and letting them know how they can expect you to show up.

Giving them the understanding of how advertisement optimization works and when payments are to be made every month.

Our client took care of his contract process, as we’re not lawyers and do not provide legal counsel. I suggest that anyone has a contract in place and consults a lawyer for this part.

Agency Case Study Insight #5:

Delivering High-Level Results & Easy Referral Process

The client had already taken a digital marketing certification, so they knew the basics of how to run advertisements.

Once we helped in acquiring our first retainers for the client, our job as an advisor, coach and mentor is to help reinforce a high-level operating standard and on-going support with the client.

Giving high level management insights and other necessary growth insights to them along the way. Looking at area’s they might easily overlook.

If any projects didn’t go as planned we were there to ensure we could get the race car back on the track and moving the car forward towards the finish line.

Momentum is extremely important in business. We made sure they always kept it high as we had bi-weekly check ins scheduled and reporting periods of my clients results.

At the beginning, we advised they take on any projects they can. This would give them experience FAST to get to know what they wanted to offer.

Once they realized what they REALLY loved doing and excelled in, we chose a specific area to narrow their scope and service offerings down to.

Over time he became very proficient at getting construction businesses results, and they are now looking at other higher ticket markets too.

Our suggestion is always to find niches and industries that have higher margin products. It’s always easier to get them fast results right out of the gates. If someone has a $5000 to $25,000 dollar product, it’s quite easy for your advertisements to be profitable on the front end.

Sometimes lower end products can be a lost leader on the front end, and if the client does not understand back-end sales and marketing, it can be a big giant headache to manage.

The reason we reinforce a high level of excellence in results is because referrals are extremely important to a businesses growth.

For example, some of your best clients will come from referrals.

If you deliver great results, people will refer you more often. If a client or friend refers you, you can make them look awesome by delivering top notch service.

People are always happy to refer especially if it benefits them socially, financially or even emotionally and it makes them look good.

Agency Case Study Insight #6:

Building Up Confidence & Respect

When you’re starting a new venture, many people will doubt you. Especially your competitors and people you look up to. Not everyone will be nice and accepting of what you’ve got to offer.

They’ll tell you you’re crazy, but then they’ll ask you how you did it…

Agency Case Study

Good news is, you don’t need to please everyone.

For example, there was a woman that told this company that they would not be successful in their endeavours. She told them that everything they were doing was wrong.

She shamed the owner because of her own insecurities and this forced this client to play a smaller game. However, until we spent time with this experience, it was hiding beneath the surface.

After that experience they were afraid of ridicule from others, so they were weary about publishing results on social media.

We reflected on this situation, reframing it for them. The person that was ridiculing them was not happy with her own results. She was projecting her insecurities on to them. We had a long conversation on how if they had another chance how would they stood up for themselves?

For instance, if you had another chance what would you say to her in a perfect world?

This reflection period allowed them to take their power back. Saying goodbye to the fear of being seen in the public eye. This built up a ton of their self-esteem and self confidence and they began to publish their results.

Agency Case Study Insight #7:

Using Offline Educational Events For Positioning & Authority

Now that they have a client base secured, and confidence is built up, as a result it was time to spread into new networks. Time to and start educating people and claiming authority in the market place.

I have experience in putting together and running offline educational events, so we put together a plan for them.

  1. Make it a Exciting & Memorable Networking Event & Mixer
  2. Make it a Educational & Use It To Build Expert Positioning

The goal and reason for doing this is it gives you a chance to build authority and position yourself as an expert. For example, someone that is educating a group of people about a topic, they are perceived by the listeners as an expert authority as long as the information makes sense and is applicable.

The goal is to use this event as a positioning tool. Capture media assets at the event that you can use in online promotions too. Such as, pictures and video reels.

When you connect groups of people in business and you facilitate great relationships, you the organizer will always be remembered.

You get to be known as a valuable connection resource, and people will love you for it.

Create a theme and topic, bring people together using social media and your immediate networks. Make sure it’s in a nice venue and a memorable experience for the attendee’s.

Repeating this monthly or bi-weekly is how you gain local authority and influence. You will be positioned as a one of the top service providers in your industry.

This client gets offers from other agencies to buy his business often.

Certainly, they are afraid of them becoming their biggest competition in the years to come.

Being well positioned and an authority people look up to and seek out is a priceless position to be in.

Agency Case Study Insight #8:

Leveraging Social Media With Storytelling To Build Trust, Authority & Brand Loyalty

As this client was getting results for their agency clients and their own business, we needed to amplify that and let people know.

We decided to put together a social media strategy plan for them because of this and it worked really well.

Social media gives you a chance to bring awareness to your results and allows you to build a connection and a personal bond with your audience.

People buy from people they know like, trust and respect.

It’s a great tool to leverage your life experience and display your authority.

Leveraging social media with story telling is the future of business success, in a way that builds trust, authority, respect and brand loyalty.

Some of the types of content we put together were…

Backstory & Origination Story

  • Why and where they client came from, their experience and what made them passionate about being result driven and what excites them most about the industry he was serving.

Education and Edutainment

  • Giving tips, tricks and educational nuggets that are fun and entertaining to read and consume, addicting the readers.
  • Demonstrating his competence allows people to have insights and epiphany moments of their own and builds trust, brand loyalty and tons of raving fans.

Display of results, testimonies and case studies.

  • Proof of results is one of the most powerful forms of ethical persuasion.

This clients social presence is top notch. They are wanted by many for the results they bring to the table. They are damn good at what they do.

Nuances & High Level Insights

Throughout this process, there are many nuances and high level insights as to how someone should carry themselves offline and online.

These strategies will work perfectly for you even if you don’t run an agency for instance.

These can be custom tailored to your own specific industry.

Remember, test everything, see if it works for you.

Once you find what works, stick with it and double down on those processes.

Conclusion For The Agency Case Study

To sum this all up, I hope this agency case study helps you and inspires you with new and exciting strategies.

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Agency Case Study

Agency Case Study, Jimmy Parent Copywriter